• Angkor Thom Temple is the main capital City of Khmer Empire
    Bayon Temple
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  • Ta Phrom Temple is the temple name that represente
    Ta Phrom Temple
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  • Tonle Sab Lake is Largest lake in Cambodia
    Tonle Sab Lake
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Our provided services

1/ Camary Car 0r Mini van with A/C in the Angkor areas and I will charge you extra if you go to the long distant temples with the sites are not mentioned in the itineraries. More than 11 people please kindly ask us
2/ To avoid misunderstanding, please see the itineray and copy link our packages that you would love to choose via our e-mail or WhatsApp if you would love the quick responses.
3/ An Enlish speaking tour guide who speaks excellent English
4/ we all have more than 10 years experience with our cultures, heritages, civilizations and our country daily lives.
5/ Boat trip at Tonle Sap Lake is US$15/person to see the Floating Village from 3 people and 20$ from 1-2 people.
6/ To visit Sunrise is US$ 10 extra for the early start.
5/ The payment is in US dollars. You can pay me at the end of the tour or the beginning of your tour.
7/ Tour guide and driver are not the same person for the group of 5-25 people. but tour guide and driver are the same person from 1-4 people, we provide more income of our Guides' hard working.
8/ No extra charge for taxi to Tonle Sap lake, but you must pay for boat trip on the lake it is US$ 20 per person or 15US$ from 3 people.
9/ Price for tour from Day 1-Day up to .....in the Angkor area is in US$ in total per group not per person.
10/ Price quoted is the net cost ( i.e included tax, services, driver, tour guide, petrol, car,daily cool water, parking fees, and pick-up service from the airport ). For the other expenditures, you have to pay for by yourself such as tickets to visit the temples of Angkor, food, drinks...).
11/ We are flexible tour guides and drivers in Siem Reap. we will take you to all places where you want to see.
12/ We provide the services from Siem Reap province to our capital city ( Phnom Pen) or from Phnom Penh to Siem reap.
13/Your interested sites are not in our packages, please kindly ask us to arrange the itineraries to suit your unique trips.
14/ US$ is widely used in our country and the hotel, boutique, supermarket, tourism restaurant and the official ticket counter for Angkor Area. But we don't accept old or torn currency note and beside the above mentioned cash is required!!!
15/ We are team guides !!!!!
16/ We provide individual tours, private tour, not combined tours or Join-in tours.
17/ We provide different transportation upon requests.
18/ Our packages are not deposited in-advance, Please kindly keep your promises after your tour confirmation .
19/ Please pay directly to our teams such as tour guides, drivers
Our the organized people.
*****Special note:
Please kindly let us know if you would love more interesting things after your Angkor tours such as Dinner with Apsara show, smile of Angkor, Cambodian circus, elephant ride, Gibon flight, land-mine museum, War museum, Cambodian cultural village, hot air ballon, Wat Tmey killing field etc !!! Apsara show need to book in-advance to get the great location to view the show, our guides or drivers can arrange for you.
Please do not hesitate to email me if you have more questions .
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Greetings from Siem Reap, Angkor .
Sophanna Muon:
E-mail: sophannamuon@gmail.com

H/P& whatsApp:+855 12 203 474

Please tell us your booking name, tour start, number of people and your selected hotel addresse, telephone numbers or give me your room number of your arrival time to be clear of what are we doing tomorrow!!!!!
*****Cancellation policy :
* 72 hours your cancellation will be free of charge.
* 24 hours will be charged 30% of the tour packages
* Lesser than 24 hours will be charged 60%
* Last minutes cancellation will be fully charged !!!! We have exceptions if you have any reasonable things.
*** What you should know and do here !!!
* Your tour to our heritages, please kindly wear properly clothes such as long pants cover your knees and T-Shirt covers your shoulders, this is the country rules.
* Don't touch the carvings, lean again the temples or go up the prohibitive sites
* You can take pictures all the sites in the itineraries or people here, please ask them and show them after taking pictures because they want to see theirs.
* Buddhist monks are allowed to take pictures of them, please don't touch them.
* Make sure that, your camera battery is fully charged for the tour or you can bring the charger, we will have the opportunities to charge, about half and hours when we have lunch break.
* Any shoes that you feel comfortable during your visits. We don't mind here.
* Pack your hotel breakfast if you have sunrise tour packages or we can come back to the hotel if it is necessary.
Tickets for the temples of Angkor or other visited sites are:
* one day 37US$ per each
* Two or three days 62US$ per each
* One week 74$ per each
* Boeng Mealea 5$ per each
* Koh ker group 10$ per each
* Kullen mountain 20$ per each
* Boat trip 20$ per each. It would be cheaper if you have more than three people
* Angkor national museum 12$
* War museum 4$ per each
* Land mine museum 5$
* Cambodia cultural village 14$ per each !!!

Booking info

12 and above
2 to 12
Thank for using our services Thank You !