• Angkor Thom Temple is the main capital City of Khmer Empire
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  • Ta Phrom Temple is the temple name that represente
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  • Tonle Sab Lake is Largest lake in Cambodia
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The Most Popular 2 Day Tour

-Tour code: 2136
-Tour type: Heritages, culture, Nature, history and daily life of the people here
-People: from 1 Up to 4 people
-Private tour only
-Duration: 2 Days
-Destination: Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Total cost: 140US$

Day: 1
•• The tour starts @ 6.45 Am to avoid the crowds and see you at the hotel lobby by our guide !!!!!
* Pre Rup temple ( Dated 961AD) , built by RajendravarvanII, is about 1.5km south of East Mebon temple. Pre Rup means" turning the body", this temple may have served as an early royal crematorium.

* Eastern Mebon temple ( Dated 944-68AD), is the Hinduism temple erected by Rajendravarman II , would have been on the an islet in the center of the eastern Baray ( but now very on dry land ) 7km by 1.8 km. It was originally fed by Stung Siem Reap.

* Ta Som temple, is the late-12th- century Buddhist temples of Jayavarman VII. The center of Ta Som is in the ruined state, but restoration by World Monument Fund, the most impressive feature at Ta Som is the huge tree completely overwhelming the eastern Gopura .

* NEAK PEAN temple, are Neak and Pean, Neak it means Naga, Pean it means intertwine ( Neak pean is intertwined Naga ). It has a large square pool surrounded by four smaller square pools. It has a body of a large horse relates to a legend that Avalokiteshvara saved a group of shipwrecked followers by transforming himself into the flying horse .

* Preah Khan temple ( Dated 1191AD, It means the sacred sword). It is one of the the largest complexes at Angkor ,dedicated to the king father ( It probably served as the king’s temporary residence while Angkor Thom was being built. It is the reasonable state of restoration work by world monument fund in 1992.

@ Lunch break, one restaurant is nearby Bangteay Srei temple ! After lunch, if you would like to visit landmine museum, please kindly let our guide know ( optional)
* Bangteay Srei temple ( Dated 967AD ), It is one of the attractive stunning temples, It is located a little bit further of Angkor sites, about 32 Km from Siem Reap town. Here you can see the stunning carvings and amazing bas-Reliefs, appreciate the masterpiece of Khmer arts in the early Angkor Era.

* Banteay Samre temple ( Bangteay means Citadel, Samre' means uncivilized aborigine) is the Hinduism temple with the state of good condition built in early 12th century by king Suryavarman II . Romantic temple and peaceful temple without crowds !!!!!

Day: 2  ( leave the hotel @ 7.45 Am )

* South Gate: The fortified city wall of Angkor Thom with seven meter high and surrounded by the large moats. It is in the better condition if you compare with others four entry towels. Here you can get the iconic shots. Built by the greatest builder King Jayavarman the seventh .
* Bayon temple ( Mohayana Buddhism temple). All towers are with four faces, we have known as the four noble truths of Avalokiteshvara such as Charity, Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity. It is located in the zero point of Angkor Thom city.
* Baphoun temple ( Dated in 1060AD) is the artificial pyramid mountain temple in Angkor Thom, It was closed 27 years for the restoration work, It now can see the beautiful landscapes on the top of its peak, as well as the a large reclining Buddha at the west part of this temple, dated in 16th century when Khmer king converted to Theravada Buddhism.
* Pheameanakas temple, It means that, the palace in the sky ( Dated in 10th century) with former royal palace and the ancient swimming pools here .
* The terraces of the elephant and lepper king. The terrace of the elephant, It used to be the royal pavilion of Angkor Thom city with amazingly elephant, Garuda and Naga carved. Some of the architectural materials got rotted.
* The lepper king terrace, you will see the statue in the form of the naked statue on the hill lock with amazing legend that related to the 102 hospitals built by Jayavarman VII

* Chau Say & Tommanon temples
* Ta Nei temple, is one of the late 12th century temple, untouristed temple and you feel enjoyable around this quiet and Peaceful temple .
* Ta phrom temple ( Dated 1186AD), Its nick name is Tomb Raider temple. Ta phrom is the most atmospheric ruin at Angkor and should be high on the hit list of every visitor. It has been left to be swallowed by jungle. its original name is Rajavihara ( Monastery of the king ). The amazing trees and tree roots can be seen in ( The Tomb Raider Movie ).

@ Lunch Break, Our tour Guide can recommend or decide to choose one of the restaurants in Angkor sites for lunch break .
* Bangteay Kdei temple( Dated 1181AD) is the first Buddhist temple by the greatest builder Jayavarman VII for the king’s mother’s Tutor, 274 statue of buddhas found here after excavation work which has been helped by Sophia university from Japan
* ANGKOR WAT ( the 7th wonders of the world heritage by UNESCO in 1992 ), is the largest religious Hinduism temple of the Khmer empire in the world. We recommend to get the iconic shots in the afternoon. End of the amazing Tomb Raider tour . Back to the selected hotel .

The Services include:
1. The licensed English speaking tour guide / Driver
2. Daily cold water and towels for faces and your hands, sorry not for your feet .
3. Car/Mini van A/C as you have seen in our website

The Services exclude:
1. Hotel/Boutique or villa
2. Ticket for temple @ 62$ per person for two or three days and all sites
  3. Food & drinks
  4. Tips at your kindness if you like the services
  5. If you visit landmine at 5$ per person @ your own account. ( optional )

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